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Health and safety

**Please note this is a high risk site and as such hi-viz jackets must be worn at all times**


1. To comply with all bylaws / site instructions as a condition of entry.

2. This is a high risk site and hi-viz must be worn at all times.

3. You must follow site signage instruction ie speed limits at all times.

4. Do not stray into unauthorised areas.

5. All visitors must sign in and out.

6. No children under 16 years allowed on site.

7. No smoking in or near the buildings.

8. All road vehicles must follow the one way system.

9. No animals except guide dogs allowed on site.

10. No unauthorised trading is allowed.

11. No unauthorised filiming is allowed.

12. No dumping of waste or unsaleable goods is allowed.

13. You must park only in the designated areas.

14. Upon hearing a continuous alarm please go

immediately to the nearest assembly point.

15. Please note the evacuation / assembly points on the site plan.

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